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At Chester le Street Riverside Athletics Track.

Date: Wednesday 19th June

Time: 5.30 pm - 8 pm

Click here to learn more about the history of school athletics in Chester le Street.

Participating Teams 2019

2018 Overall Winners: St Margarets

2018 Small Schools' Winners: St Benets

2018 Year 6 Winners: Newker

2018 Year 5 Boys' Winners:

St Margarets

2018 Year 5 Small School Winners: St Benets

2018 Year 6 Girls'  Winners:


2018 Year 5 Aggregate Winners:

St Margarets

2018 Year 6 Small School Winners: St Benets

2018 Year 6 Boys' Winners: St Margarets

2018 Year 6 Small School Winners:

St Benets

2018 Year 5 Girls'  Winners:

St Margarets

Results 2018

Year 5 Girls' Hurdles

Preparing for the Relay

Fourteen schools line up in the centre of the track

Children and parents wait anxiously for the results

Year 5 Boys Obstacle

Top three teams in the Year 5 Boys' Relay

Year 6 Girls' Relay - 1st: Newker, 2nd: Red Rose, 3rd St Margarets

Year 6 Girls' Skipping

Year 6 Girls' Hurdles: 1st Woodlea, 2nd  Newker, 3rd Ouston

Year 6 Boys Obstacle

St Cuthberts passing on the baton

Year 6 Girls in a thrilling hurdles race

We can't run a district sports without judges!

And that includes making sure laces are tied

Judged to the millimetre!

A top quality starter is essential

Long jumping requires speed, the ability to leap and determination

Year 6 Boys' Sprint

Nervous moments at the start of the girls' sprint

Starting the Year 5 Boys 80 metres

Much excitement as the medals are awarded

Year 6 Girls Ball Throwing: Winner Birtley St Josephs, 2nd Ouston, 3rd C of E

Year 5 Long Jump:  1st Cestria, 2nd Newker, 3rd Red Rose

Year 5 Long Jump: 1st Cestria, 2nd Newker, 3rd St Margarets

Year 5 Girls Relay: 1st St Margarets, 2nd St Cuthberts, 3rd Newker

Year 5 Girls 60m: 1st St Cuthberts, 2nd St Margarets, 3rd C of E

The speed at which the totals are calculated at the end of the meeting has always been impressive.



The annual meeting of Chester-le-Street Primary Schools' Athletics Association decided in 1964 that a district sports meeting would be organised in June of that year as a 'taster' for future events. No trophies were awarded until the following year, when it was decided that the winning team would be awarded the 'Stan Seymour Trophy'. This was the start of a highly successful district sports, which is still held in June and where the events have hardly changed over the past 50 years - the high jump event was removed from the programme some years ago for health & safety concerns.


The district sports is often referred to as the 'Ouston Sports' for it was on Ouston's school field that the sports was held for many years. This was down to the enthusiasm of the headteacher, Mr Neal Dickinson, who was instrumental in introducing the event and arranging it in such a way that it resembled a 'mini Olympics', such was the level of organisation which went into it. Ouston was a wonderful venue, with its 8-lane track, allied to the closeness of the crowd to the proceedings, providing a wonderful atmosphere

On Mr Dickinson's retirement from teaching in 1986, the whole event could have folded but, such was the determination to keep an event going, which, we believe, is unrivalled anywhere in the country, that we are well past our 50th anniversary. The district sports is now held at the Riverside Sports Centre and is still looked forward to each year with great anticipation

Below is a list of overall winners

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