Newker's hill first time round is hard work

South Hetton's team enjoying their first taste of cross country

Great action photographs above from the final cross country at Langley Park

Cross Country

Beginning in 1978, the inter school Cross Country competition has been running for over 40 years.

Click here to learn more about the history of school cross country in Chester le Street.

Events 2020:

Race 1: 

Bullion Lane and Newker Primary Schools

Saturday 18th January

Race 2:

Ouston Primary School

Saturday 25th January

Race 3:

Langley Park Primary School

Saturday 1st February

Left: Presentations awarded following the final cross country at Langley Park. This gives an idea of the number of children and families whoattneded the three events

An impressive total of 170 children took part in the three races. This is particularly pleasing as, in today's world, there are so many other attractions open to children on Saturday mornings. This was never the case back in 1978 when cross countries were introduced

Information on the history of cross country running and athletics can be found on the 'History' page

Girls' Results 2020

Boys' Results 2020

The boys' race in full flow.

Individual Runners 2020:

* Top 10 runners in each race receive a certificate.

   Best girl and boy runner is presented to the runner with the lowest score at the end of the final event.

Best Girl 2020: Rebecca Davis (Lumley)

Best Boy 2020: Tom Briggs (St Margarets)

Newker's hill first time for the girls

Dillon and Jack from South Hetton proudly show off thier certificates for achieving a top ten finish

First lap for the boys - Langley Park

Almost 170 children ran in each of the three races at Bullion Lane, Ouston and Langley Park. 

Finishing Results 2020:

* Teams must have 3 placed runners in all events in order to achieve an overall score.

   Overall competition is a combination of girls' and boys' team scores.

* Langley Park boys' team St Cuthberts girls' team were crowned small school winners


Below, you can view past winners of the Cross Country.

Girls' Runners Up 2020 - St Margarets

Boys' Winners 2020- St. Margaret's

Boys' Runners Up 2020 - Lumley

Overall Winners 2020- St. Margaret's

Small School Boys' Winners 2020 - Langley Park

Small School Girls' Winners 2020 - St Cuthberts

Tom & Will - Top Boys Runners 2020