Chester le Street Schools' District Team


Due to the coronavirus pandemic, this season, so far, has been a non-event and, at one stage, it looked as though no football would be played at all. However, ESFA are keen to complete the Danone Sponsored National Competition for district teams. This is a competition which has been been run for many years and one in which Chester-le-Street have been very successful

In previous years, the format has been 7 a side with each county nominating a team to represent them in the regional competition. This involved ten teams meeting in one venue but, of course, large groups are not allowed to meet

Consequently, this season, it is an open 9 a side competition where two teams play each other and the winner progresses to the next round

The dates of the rounds are: 

1st Round    April 24th

2nd Round   May 8th

3rd Round   May 22nd

4th Round   June 5th

Final   June 19th

Our first round match is away v Stockton 

                     Chester-le-Street District Team

                             Season 2020-21

Kieran Woods (Cestria)

Luis Cole  Cestria)

Charlie Greenwood (St Josephs)

Oliver Jackson (St Margarets)

Finlay Gray (Portobello) 

Joseph Crowther (Red Rose)

Finlay Kennedy (Cestria))

Pearce Tait (Cestria)

Harry Armstrong (Belmont)

Liam Bell (Roseberry)

Leon Renwick (Witton Gilbert)

Mason Ellison (Newker)


Ellis Ward (Red Rose)

Zac Kershaw, Arran Birkby (Lumley)

Finn Geragusian, Alex Graham (St Margaret's)

Felix Scott (Witton Gilbert)

Matthew Crowther (Newker)

Harry Coe (St Cuthberts)

Liam Anderson (St Benet's)