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Chester le Street Schools' District Football


Harrison County Cup

The Harrison Memorial Trophy is the principal competition in the Durham County district season. Originally a knockout competition, it is now played using a league format where district teams play each other once before the teams are seeded, with the top teams, according to performance, going on to play for the trophy and the bottom group of teams competing for the Harry Charlton Trophy. For many years, it was an 11-a-side competition but, latterly, F.A. rules dictate that no 11 a side football can be played until the age of 13. It is now 9 a Side

For those boys who have played district football over the years, they well remember playing for the Harrison Trophy, which was introduced in 1964. It is a prestigious trophy. For many years, the competition was open to Durham County districts only but, with the reduction of district teams in the county, it is now open to teams in Northumberland and Cleveland

Looking at the table below, Chester-le-Street has been one of the most successful teams in the cup's glorious history

A selection of Chester-le-Street Boys' teams who were Durham County Harrison Cup Winners


Season 1983-84


An outstanding team which recorded high scoring victories against Darlington (7-4), a 6-0- victory against Peterlee in the semi final and an 8-0- victory against Stockton in the first leg of the county final

Take note of the number of staff who supported district football at the time

88-89 00000.png

Season 1988-89

A powerful team whose achievements were again recognised by Chester-le-Street District Council

02 03.png

Season 2002-03

Performed so well in the Harrison Trophy that they won the league with dropping a single point - a fantastic achievement. District football is played to a high standard and to win every game is remarkable

district 10 017.jpg

Season 2009-10

Another excellent team. At present (2018), four of the team are performing well at our local academies. One match which stands out was when they fought back from 2 goals down against close rivals, Felling, to win what was the deciding match

85-86 00000.png

Season 1985-86

Another fine team, who were so successful, that their achievements were recognised by Chester-le-Street District Council, who provided a civic reception to celebrate their success


Season 1999-00

The most successful team in the association's history. Won every competition in Durham County they took part in and received civic receptions from both Chester-le-Street District Council and Durham County Council

Mitchell photo.jpg

Season 2012-13

Remaining unbeaten for the season, this team deserved to be recognised for its performances, including an unforgettable match against Sunderland, which clinched the title

It takes an outstanding team to win the Harrison Trophy and many associations over the years have failed to win it once. Achieving runners up is no mean feat and following teams teams deserve recognition for doing just that


For those who were there, who could ever forget the two finals played in the early 1970's. In those days, the Harrison Trophy was a knockout competition. Washington schools had parted company with our association to form their own and the 1970-71 team on the right played brilliantly to reach the two-legged final against a strong Sunderland team. The first leg match, played away at Broadway primary School, resulted in a deflating 3-0 defeat. There was much to do in the second leg played at Lumley Junior School but we fought back in thrilling fashion to beat Sunderland 3-0. In extra time, Sunderland scored the winner and our first foray into district football as a Chester-le-Street district comprising Chester-le-Street schools only ended with us winning hte runners up trophy - a marvellous effort

The following season, the 1971-72 team on the left again fought through to reach the final, against Sunderland once again. This time, a 2-0 victory in the first leg at Broadway gave us a great chance of winning the trophy. However, Sunderland did to us what we had done to them the previous season and fought back to level the scores and take the final into extra time and, once again, it was Sunderland who scored the all important winning goal to leave a devastated set of players, staff and parents to dwell on what might have been

Although disappointed, we were extremely proud of the teams and those matches were what is so good about district football. Chester-le-Street manager, Tom Baker and Sunderland's Ron Gormley, for many years afterwards, talked at length about those two finals. 


Season 2006-07   Harrison Cup Runners Up


Season 2010-11   Harrison Cup Runners Up


Season 2004-05    Harrison Cup Runners Up


Season 2011-12   Harrison Cup Runners Up


Season 2016-17  Harrison Cup Runners Up

Derwent and Medomsley Cup

The Derwent & Medomsley Knockout Cup, first introduced in 1983, has provided an interesting set of winners. Looking at both the Harrison and D & M winners, it brings home the fact that every association ran a district team. Unfortunately, for a variety of reasons, association teams such as Lambton & Hetton, Seaham, Bishop Auckland, South Tyneside, Felling & Derwentside are no longer running a team. Indeed, some of them have not had a team for many years and that could easily happen to Chester-le-Street!

Our success in this cup has been the least impressive of any of the Durham County competitions


Season 1998-99   Derwent & Medomsley Cup Winners

Season 1999-00   Derwent & Medomsley Cup Winners


Season 2000-01   Derwent & Medomsley R.U.


Season 2003-04   Derwent & Medomsley Cup R.U.


Season 2005-06   Derwent & Medomsley Cup Winners

Season 2004-05   Derwent & Medomsley R.U.

Durham County Association 7 a side

Without doubt, our favourite competition! Over the past 24 years, we have been incredibly successful in this 7 a side trophy, winning the Durham County competition 11 times - quite remarkable bearing in mind that 7 a side football is notoriously unpredictable. It is the one competition which does't just end as county winners but progresses to a national competition organised by English Schools FA. Originally sponsored by Adidas, the present sponsor is Danone, a multi-national food products corporation

Winning the Durham County 7 a side is difficult but then, succeeding in winning the North of England finals involving county winners from Northumberland down to Merseyside to reach the national finals is some achievement. Chester-le-Street have reached the national finals four times and, in 2000, were crowned national champions in the last competition played at the 'old' Wembley


National 7 a Side Champions 2000 - the most successful team in the association's history


As you might guess, we received great support from parents and friends. Travelling by train added to the weekend, Here we are ready to leave Durham station on the 2.18 pm train


ESFA 7 a Side National Finals at Wembley. Standing on the hallowed turf before being welcomed by guest of honour, Peter Shilton, caused great excitement

Other teams taking part in the finals were teams from Nottingham, Oxford and London. Sponsors, Adidas, presented each team with a new strip and each player received a pair of Adidas football boots


An overnight stay in Harrow, sponsored by Adidas, added to the occasion. Looking splendid in their uniforms, the excited players and staff prepare to set off for Wembley


A warming up session, supervised by team manager, Mr Alan Baker, prior to the 2004 national finals at Lilleshall Sports Centre

Lilleshall 04.png

Season 2000-01 - reached the semi finals at Lilleshall Sports Centre

Playing at Lilleshall Sports Centre was a thrill. We stayed in the grounds of the premier centre for sport in the country and marvelled at the quality of the pitches

Whilst it was obviously not as prestigious as playing at Wembley (which was now being replaced with the 'new' Wembley), it was still a wonderful venue. Look at how smart the players and staff were!

Jonathan Maddison (Cestria) and Craig Roberts (C of E) receive the award for 'Team of the Year' from Chester-le-Street Council chairman, Mr Allan Humes - a fine achievement.


They were members of the team which played in the national finals at Keele University in 2006

As well as reaching the ESFA national finals, the 2005-06 team were also Durham & Nothumberland Cup Winners, Derwent & Medomsley Cup Winners & Peter Dunn Cup Winners

To many observers, Chester-le-Street, based on performances in the group stages, were everyone's favourite to win the national competition but were surprisingly and agonisingly knocked out in the semi finals

Reaching the ESFA National Finals four times in six years with four different teams is a remarkable achievement for an association with only 25 schools to choose the squad from

Added to that is the fact that Chester-le-Street have been county champions eleven times out of the 24 years the trophy has been 

The Durham County winners of the 7 a Side competition progress to the North of England finals and, although the following teams failed to progress to the national finals, the fact that they were Durham County champions deserves a special mention - it is a difficult competition to win


Season 1993-94 - a young team played in the first North of England finals in Manchester and performed well to reach the semi finals

David Middlemas.png

Season 1996-97 - the North of England finals were now play at Chester-le-Street Riverside. This team reached the final but were beaten by Barnsley on penalties so, again, we were a whisker away from qualifying for the national finals

diistrict 10-11 002.jpg

Season 2010-11 - Durham County 7 a Side Winners


Season 2016-17 - Durham County 7 a Side Winners


Season 1994-95 - this team came within a hairsbreath of reaching the national finals, losing by a strange count back rule, having drawn against The Wirral after extra time at Batley - our most heartbreaking moment in football!

01 02 edited.png

Season 2001-02 - Durham County 7 a Side Winners

District 2104-15.JPG

Season 2014-15- Durham County 7 a Side Winners

Danone RU 2018.JPG

Season 2018-19   Indoor 5 a Side Runners Up

County Association 5 a side

If Chester-le-Street are way ahead as the most successful team in the 7 a side competition, they have also had as much success as any team in the indoor 5 a side competition. 


Season 1993-94   Indoor 5 a Side R.U.


Season 1998-99   Indoor 5 a Side Winners


Season 2003-04   Indoor 5 a Side Winners


Season 2007-08   Indoor 5 a Side Winners


Season 1995-96   Indoor 5 a Side R.U.


Season 1999-00   Indoor 5 a Side Winners


Season 2006-07   Indoor 5 a Side R.U.


Season 2008-09   Indoor 5 a Side Winners

District 2104-15.JPG

Season 2014-15  Indoor 5 a Side R.U.

Season 2011-12   Indoor 5 a Side R.U.


Season 2016-17   Indoor 5 a Side Winners

Season 2018-19   Indoor 5 a Side Winners

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